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We have highly dedicated team to design your menu and work towards its perfect execution, and our professional team of bartenders will assure you high class guest satisfaction.


Flairology offers a variety of courses based on the time period and pricing structure.


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Our goal:

"The Training Team is passionate, flexible, and committed to your success."

about Flairology

Bartender course in Pune & Bangalore

When it comes to bartending, we are your one-stop shop for anything from event pop-ups to bartenders to concepts. Trust us on our experience, and we will make it memorable.

At Flairology, we believe in making friends, building networks, earning profits, and above all, having fun along the way. Our job here is to educate and recruit bartenders from across the globe. Flairology isn’t just a name to reckon with but a concept wherein we work to make your experience with us enjoyable. Our academy boasts a fully operational bar set-up that allows bartenders to set up pop-up events anytime. As we are well stocked and hold expertise for your any requirement.

Pankaj Kamble and Sachin Gowda, the prodigies of Mixology and Flair, teamed up with technical gurus to fulfill a need in the country’s innovative bartending scene. The desire to innovate pulled us together and kept us going as a group.

Our Branches Locations :


We think it is our obligation at Flairology to develop the best bartenders, and we’ve taken a step in that direction by establishing our own bartending course in bangalore.
A school dedicated to teaching students to become professional bartenders that combines advanced mixology instruction with trendy operating skills, making it much livelier.
So far almost 1000 people have graduated from our professional bar school in the previous three years, so you can be certain that you’re in good hands.


We think it is our obligation at Flairology to develop the best bartenders, and we’ve taken a step in that direction by establishing our own bartending academy in Pune

Here arrives our simple academy of FLAIROLOGY, where we value teaching information necessary to be a full bartender to those who believe themselves accountable to the community to generate competent bartenders.

Our courses

A wide range of courses from Flairology

With a responsibility towards the community to train professional bartenders, Flairology has several courses in place. Our core impetus in the learning process is to provide strong value systems by imparting the latest knowledge to be a complete bartender. The training curriculum consists of building a community of responsible bartenders who will globally represent us.

Standard Bartending Course

3 months – (5 days a week) 2 hrs a day, Morning and evening batches

Flair Bartending Course

Pursuing Hotel Management or Working Professional.

Advance Bartending Course

2 months – (5 days a week) 2 hrs a day, Morning and evening batches

Hobby Course

Hobbies are worth the time Video Library for Self Learning.

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Wide range of highest quality Service


We have India's most famous flair bartenders in our vicinity, notorious for winning the 'Guinness World Record' and being in this profession for more than a decade.


Cocktails need precision and the knowledge of suitable mixes and proportions. That’s when you get the ultimate experience of enjoying out-of-this-world cocktails.


Our women bartenders are now making it big in the bartending skills adding the glamor quotient with their expertise. You will see their magic on the bar deck with flair techniques .


From intimate parties to even huge gatherings, every event can be as exciting with our bartenders curating the occasion for you with drinks that make up a large part of service.


Many functions follow up to the wedding. Every wedding is special and to make it livelier our bartenders have drinks for every occasion.


We have complete bar packages that you can choose from, that suit your event and the occasion you are hosting. We let you enjoy the event as we make customized drinks for you .


Flair bartenders are known for their service and style, complementing their attitude and presence. The energy and space they create bring cheer and excitement to the crowd.

Our team will fulfill all your needs and wants

We are just a call away to get a complete set up at your desired venue
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Bar School and Events

To be a proficient bartender

  • Get trained by Guinness World Record holders.
  • FLAIROLOGY – Asia’s 1st and only bar school with a workstation set up.
  • Individual bar stations for each student.
  • Focus more on Practical Teaching – both In School and Live Operating bar.
  • Qualified and Personalized Flair Trainers.
  • Video Library(Flair and mixology) for Self-Learning
  • Guest Lecturers & practical Activities ( visiting Wineries, Micro Breweries, and Bars etc.).
  • Best Industrial placement – India, abroad.


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Happy Customer


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OUR Testimonials

By Celebrities

Woow guys, you are fantastic & a treat to see you performing and congrats for the Guiness World record.
You guys are mind blowing. Hats-off to you. Things what you do are brilliant! | dont have words to describe.
Pankaj & Sachin duo with Fab skill, Flair and Professionalism. For sure the best margarita ever tasted!
Celebrity Chef
Your Flair Performance is extremely entertaning and what skills and techinque you have, its just unbelivable. I have seen a bartender who does regular fire thingy, but your skill are two..three..four levels higher and I must say your drinks are fabulous.
They are one of the best bartenders in India, also they are Guinnes World Reocrd holders. OMG! their skills are mind blowing. Flair together in sync doing so many thing, its mind blowing. It was great experience for me to learn few trick of flair bartending from them. Thank you & cheers.
OUR Testimonials

By Celebrities

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