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Concept Development

With the new trends in bartending approaching India, it’s only natural that you need to bring modern elements to your bar. This is where we step in to make that process easier and unique. We bring an element of trendy, modern, imaginative and delectable concepts to your establishment. We focus on adapting to any request from our esteemed clients and exceeding their expectations to fulfill their needs. From the first step to brainstorming, to designing and imagining the idea put forward, to implementing it and creating its tangible design to suit the needs of the client. Our designs are engineered to balance the essentials of; function, cost, reliability, usage and appearance.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity, we aim to bring innovation to the market and create a trust with our clients to develop meaningful business relations.


At Flairology, we offer assistance in every aspect of beverage industry. A full service analysis involves everything relevant to your business success. Operations analysis is an evaluation of how your business is doing. Let us troubleshoot bottlenecks preventing you from reaching your full business potential. We offer project service (a specific project) or detailed full-service analysis aimed at increasing your bottom line profit. Project service can be as simple as a cost of sales analysis or a systems development tool.

A full-service analysis involves everything relevant to your business success. A customized version of this service can also be provided if you so wish to better serve your business.

Menu designing

Bar menu design is a reflection of the bar itself. We offer complete match to your bar concept.

Menu designing is just not about adding the rate and pretty pictures. It needs strategic thought process of understanding buyers.

Cocktails & Mocktails are crucial element of a bar’s competitive advantage, growth positioning, and long term financial health. Smart menu development has never been more important. We carefully craft menu selections that deliver the“WOW” in flavor and visual appeal. These flavorful considerations are balanced with targeted drinks cost, profit contribution and an eye for consistent execution. Flairology have developed an integrated solution to menu development that will deliver significant impact on both profits and guest loyalty.


Ability of staff to interpret the desires and aspirations of each customer can make a strong and lasting impression. We believe to bring best services channelized through a collective efforts of the best of beverage industry professionals with extensive five star experience.

Apart from being an Art, It is a set of several skills which can only be honed with perfect practice under an expert’s guidance.

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